wtf? Why bother?

Wtf? Seems like a lot of effort to submit my story…

Yeah, I admit it requires some effort for you to participate but if you go through the paces then you get a cool snapshot history of your previous DayZ characters PLUS the public can vote on your story and you can track all of your characters through tags. Load up

once you’ve submitted a story and you can track all of your dead characters. No registration or bullshit like that. I’m not selling anything here. I mostly made this site to amuse myself and I’m hoping others will enjoy and utilize it as well.

OK, but still… why not just play the game instead…

You’re still playing the game. This just adds one extra step (f12 screenshot of the menu screen so you have your character on file). To me a big joy of playing DayZ is reading and sharing experiences that happened in it. I’m just trying to make a centralized hub to organize our deaths. My goal is for this site to be a massive graveyard full of hilarious, depressing, and slightly insane stories!

So that’s it. I’m done pitching. I’ll be posting my characters here and I hope you’ll think about helping me out and adding yours to the roster.

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share your story and R.I.P. (a graveyard of dead DayZ avatars)