Trust: the bloodiest blade

I am not a trusting man. I believe people are inherently selfish beings who will look out for their own survival. This is even more true in the world of Dayz. I do what I do for my many reasons but I do it alone for just one. People cannot be trusted

I am a hero, sure, but one that truly despises most of the people I save.  I didnt at the start of my new career in Dayz heroism but the more people I saved the more I noticed some people deserved that fate. On more than a few occasions I saved someone only to see them later killing a freshspawn or making them eat rotten fruit. I know that a lot of em were bandits that had died and gotten into a pickle but when you see a hostage situation, its pretty hard to tell. Plus there were people Ive seen (Im always stalking someone in this game) help a new player, or save them then go off and torture the next person. It made thing clear to me though; Never take any situation at face value.

Seeing all this didnt stop me from helping anyone I saw in danger but it did make me question if they were a bandit. Everytime I save someone, I leave and return in stealth to follow them. It became my routine and changed how I operate. I wasnt as friendly and really cold to people I saved. I didnt trust anyone. If you ever got saved by someone then 30 minutes later tortured some kid for no reason except his beans and got sniped….that was me.

Fast foward to the night before writing this. I saw someone being held up…I dont just kill someone for robbing someone, its an apocalypse and I understand. I watched as the robber let his victim go but then he took a shot at his legs and brought him down. I took him out before he could finish the guy off. I gave the victim what he needed to patch up and left to come back and stalk him. I had left the robbers body unlooted so when I came back, I wasnt surprised to see the victim with the same mosin that wounded him. I watched this guy for about 10 minutes before I caught the glimpse of someone behind me. I just assumed he had a gun so I decided not to run away or make any motion that I knew he was there. I figured Id be just as good as dead anyways and figured he just might wanna rob…after all, I was still alive.

The guy I was stalking began to move out of the house he was looting. I moved too, like I normally did, and went into the house after him. As soon as I went in, I ignored my stalkee and exited the house through a window which was already broken and went  towards a corner of the house that would let me see the area I had just travelled from. Sure enough, the guy following me shadowed my movements. I went towards the from and as he entered the door, I went in, pistol leading, and ordered the man to stop in the coolest way I ever have.

“Looking for me?”

He stopped but without hesitation he said, “Why were you following him.”

I was abit thrown off by how calm and quick his reply was I just said, “what?”

“That guy, I saw you save him and then watched you following. What are you planning to do with him.”

I was surprised to hear that he had been following me the whole time. Made me feel like I was slipping…and the way he asked what I planned on doing was off…like he expected me to kill him and be on my way again. I asked him why he cared.

“Just pull the trigger. That guy should be far enough away from here anyways. You better hope I dont see you again.”

He spoke to me like I speak to bandits and thats why this encounter had felt off to me. I lowered my weapon and told him  what I do. He laughed and said thats almost what he does as well. We began to part ways before he asked if I wanted to explore the coast for spawnkillers. I agreed and for the next hour or so we were the perfect team.

I never did this well with another person and was seriously re-thinking my lone wolf policy. It wasnt until later that I realized not many “true heros” exist. We just fought off a few bandits that injured both of us. We patched uuup and immediately got attacked by another hostile player. We killed him off but I took another hit. With a hospital a few blocks away we decide to head that direction, with my companion scouting ahead slightly. I mustve aggroed some zeds cause I heard their moans and saw three of em heading for me. I could have taken them out but I was being cautious. I called my teammate over to help but by the time he did, about 2 morw showed up. I was guessing another player must be around cause they all ran from the same direction. My buddy came in guns blazing despite me telling him to avoid gunfire against zombies. Of course more zombies were coming in. On the mic he and I were frantically discussing our options. I figured we could beat them if we ran into a building and defended a hallway so we could avoid being flanked.

He agreed by saying, “Thats perfect.” which seemed suspicious to me but I didnt really think anything of it. As we aproached the building I saw him stop which let me know what he was planning. I stepped right and avoided the bullets long enough to turn and hit him with my rifle. I went down and he didnt and as he got inside the zombies were all over me.

I dont think he was a bandit. I believe he truly saw himself as a hero. A true hero never sacrifices someone to save his own life though. Someone had almost had the same ingame ideals as me but couldnt face his death head on. He delayed it using my life to prolong his…but not for life. As I spawned back at beach I read that “Jared” had died. I smiled and searched for some gear.

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