Thanks For The Meal

Full Story:  This story started out slow. I joined a night server with a friend. This was right after Kuru was added, but we didn’t read the logs. Just wanting to play.

We both spawned at Barenzino, with eyes like eagles. Looking for  anything to assist our survival. Food, water, Dry bags,  melee, and a Macaroni (Makerov)

It was nice to have gear when you needed it, and rare. Which meant, fresh spawns wanted to mess with us. We didn’t let that happen. We killed those who did.  Got a knife from the deal.

Now going to Elektro was fun, and easy.  Met an old friend I used to play mod with. Exchanged ammo for some food.  Beans for some 9X18.  Elektro was heaven for looters and killing. We killed a guy with an AK. She was mine, but no mags or ammo.  I took it, because I was glad to have something in my hands. We cut his body up and took it to the fire station at the power plant. Made a small fire, cooked the long pig and feasted on it. My friend asked who that guy was, and explained about our old Dayz mod days.  It made us chuckle, and enjoy the little things about the game.

After a nice cooked meal and off brad cola, we went back on our way. This time to Cherno.  Midway through the hike, we entered a building which had a banana. My fatass didn’t feel full, so I crammed it down my throat with tears of laughter coming out my full mouth..

It freaked the hell out of my friend and any fresh spawns we met. One unlucky soul ran from us, just to get shot from a sniper on the hill. We booked it faster then a bat outta hell.

Our run to Kamenka was short. We looted it, yatta yatta.  Nothing much, until my friend heard about this military base nearby. We thought it was a great idea. I could find stuff for my AK and use it!

The military base seemed clear. Too clear.. After a minute or so of scouting, we saw a guy in  one of the buildings looting. My friend wanted us to sneak on the guy and take him out. I laughed at that.

After a few seconds of back and forth “Yes, and No” We decided to do as he said. With no sounds, we got behind his building. His head was down, as he was looking at an AK with a magazine… My guy cried tears of joy and laughter, before he stood up and shot me..

He heard me laugh and cry, before popping one at me. I fell, my friend bandaged me quickly, before looking into my eyes. “I’ll have to put you down” He whispered, before giving me one last meal of human steak. I let out one more cry before gargling out “Thanks for the meal”

He had to put me down like a stray. I wasn’t the only one crying after that.

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