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No Sin Goes Unpunished

Full Story:  I have been on this game for a couple of years now and have always played the hero, my version at least. I have never had the bandit mentality in this game and find it more interesting being a sort of anti-hero. I referenced Batman in a previous post because throughout my time as a hero I’ve enjoyed putting a stop to those who terrorized other players. And I loved doing it without killing. It became my own game of finding them and figuring out ways to stop them without killing all while things are happening quickly. Often I die knowing if I went for the kill I would have survived. This isn’t a story of one of those times. Instead its one of great regret. My biggest failure. Continue reading


Trust: the bloodiest blade

I am not a trusting man. I believe people are inherently selfish beings who will look out for their own survival. This is even more true in the world of Dayz. I do what I do for my many reasons but I do it alone for just one. People cannot be trusted

I am a hero, sure, but one that truly despises most of the people I save.  I didnt at the start of my new career in Dayz heroism but the more people I saved the more I noticed some people deserved that fate. Continue reading


Why Angels hide with Devils

“A hero doesn’t always arrive on time to save you. A hero will not always save the day but when a hero sees an injustice, he must do what he can to set it right. Even if it could cost him his life.”

I like to consider myself the Batman of DayZ. Most heroes help those they can with food, water, etc… I personally like to help from the shadows. I’m that guy that randomly shows up when you’re cuffed and about to be executed only to leave after dropping bandages and food. I will stalk a group of survivors to determine if they are bandits and act quickly if they are.

This time was different. Continue reading