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Gold rush

So everyone knows about the really new guard shacks that can be found all over once military gear free towns, cities and settlements, as well as industrial parks and sometimes by themselves. Well, people with a clue do. You can go from fresh spawn to militant status if you find one unlooted or after a server restart. So I found one that had been picked over.

So I found a mostly picked over guard shack and managed to salvage what I could before going to the nearest police station to find a pm73 rak and a couple 25 round mags for it.

Funny how the best shit probably gets overlooked like this out of fear. I make off with a pristine press vest, full police camo and hat, with my pm73 ready. Suddenly, server restart. Private hives do this a lot to respawn l00tz. Continue reading



A new user has joined the graveyard! Blicky34 had quite an escapade.

Full Story: Anyway i’ve been running for a while now and just in the distance i can see my destination, NWAF. Upon stopping and scoping out the airfield, i notice quiet a lot of zombie aggro around the jail, so i decide to fall back and head south to Vybor military base in hope our friends back at NWAF have moved off by the time i finish looting here. So i spend the next 10 minutes looting the base, and to my surprise end up with quite a lot of ammo, a new fire axe, hunter’s backpack and a pristine ballistic helmet. Now some time has passed, i head up the road back to NWAF and noticed our friends are still bunkered down in the fire station, i decide to push north to flank them around past the tents. As i move past a gap in the fence, i am hailed upon with horribly aimed M4 fire, but at least we know they’re not friendly. Continue reading