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I Dropped the Morphine….

I headed up the the NE Airstrip, not a KOS person at all, in fact I usually travel the coast giving food to the beggars. Anyway, it’s a 7 person server, and I ran into the air control tower to get some more matching gear (all militarized of course). Whilst looting under the stairs, I hear some guy screaming in the most retarded hustler voice I’ve ever heard. “WHERE YOU GOIN BOI? YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN BOI?” Continue reading


No More Mr. Nice Guy

Yikes… I think Liquidskylabs is going off the deep end. *backs away slowly.*  Just remember, I didn’t take your hoodie!

Full Story:  Colin, EvilScott, Rebecca, Simon, Bill, Gonas, Cody…..you’re all dead men or women…….I love stuff, I run into boats and carefully scale ladders and narrow decks to find my stuff, I got my signature Red Vs Blue Hoodie…I got food for days, drinks, I found my first can opener…..A gun, some random ammo, I hit the road, I shouldn’t but I know I must, I run north, I’m gonna own that Airstrip. Continue reading