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12-Gauge meets raincoat!

Full Story:  I was traveling down the road, on my way to the great city of Elektrozavodsk, also known as ‘Elektro’. A widely-known area, but also a dangerous place to visit. Because of it’s popularity, many criminals, bandits, KOSers, and cannibals (yes, cannibals) may visit that place to get their nose into some loot, and to pop off a few rounds into the person closest to them. Continue reading


Don’t Stop, No Matter What!

Things are getting creepy out there…

Full Story: I searched everywhere. Nothing. Not even a scrap of fabric to tear into some emergency rags. Yet again, Elektro was completely looted. As I emerged from the hospital, I heard the sound of a gun being reloaded.

“Stop right there! Don’t do anything stupid!” a voice ordered from behind me. I froze.  Continue reading


I Only Wanted the Pants!!!

So I was pantsed!!!! I need some pants.. so chased some new spawn for about 20 min with a fire extinguisher. Nothing major.. just wanted him to drop his pants that’s all. So eventually he did and I had pants! Then I heard something so I hid in the hospital behind the staircase. I was found and ordered onto the street where a fully geared M4 carrying bandit gunned me down in cold blood! Only to hear my friend I took pants off of to come back and say good job to his fully geared friend who shot me to get his pants back! Well played…. Well played!

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