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A new user has joined the graveyard! Blicky34 had quite an escapade.

Full Story: Anyway i’ve been running for a while now and just in the distance i can see my destination, NWAF. Upon stopping and scoping out the airfield, i notice quiet a lot of zombie aggro around the jail, so i decide to fall back and head south to Vybor military base in hope our friends back at NWAF have moved off by the time i finish looting here. So i spend the next 10 minutes looting the base, and to my surprise end up with quite a lot of ammo, a new fire axe, hunter’s backpack and a pristine ballistic helmet. Now some time has passed, i head up the road back to NWAF and noticed our friends are still bunkered down in the fire station, i decide to push north to flank them around past the tents. As i move past a gap in the fence, i am hailed upon with horribly aimed M4 fire, but at least we know they’re not friendly. Continue reading