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Trust: the bloodiest blade

I am not a trusting man. I believe people are inherently selfish beings who will look out for their own survival. This is even more true in the world of Dayz. I do what I do for my many reasons but I do it alone for just one. People cannot be trusted

I am a hero, sure, but one that truly despises most of the people I save.  I didnt at the start of my new career in Dayz heroism but the more people I saved the more I noticed some people deserved that fate. Continue reading


Round one, fight.

So I spawned in a new character, right next to Cherno, I see a woman being chased by a zed. I had grabbed a machete, so I killed the zombie in a few swings. They thank me, and I go into a house. The next thing I know, she’s in the house with her friend in a motorcycle helmet. As they surround me, one of them puts their fists up. I assume they’re going to gesture, so I do the friendly hand gesture. The two of them proceed to introduce my face to the concept of fists. I was dead in a matter of seconds.


Don’t Stop, No Matter What!

Things are getting creepy out there…

Full Story: I searched everywhere. Nothing. Not even a scrap of fabric to tear into some emergency rags. Yet again, Elektro was completely looted. As I emerged from the hospital, I heard the sound of a gun being reloaded.

“Stop right there! Don’t do anything stupid!” a voice ordered from behind me. I froze.  Continue reading