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Oh Shit!

Me and my two buddies got on late one night and wanted to loot, so we logged in and spawned where we left off, the woods next to Balota (keep in mind this was about a month after game launched, I just found this site). We split up I got ATC Tower, my buddie Zeo got the hangars and my friend Nick looted prison. After regrouping and talking about our loot, we chilled in the prison and wanted to wait it out as we were in a high pop server. After 5 minutes we saw one guy come out of the forest near barracks then another, and another and soon enough we had our little eyes right on a pack of 6 guys. I thought about following them and seeing if we could kill one, Zeo thought, “Yeah that sounds alright we have a high chance of dying, but haven’t gotten action lately,” and Nick simply agreed with our two votes against him so off we went. We laid down and they eventually went behind a wall with a guard tower on so we slowly crawled up to that wall and hoped they didn’t hear or see us… Continue reading