See You On The Other Side

Transcript: I hated the players of dayz, I was an anti hero. I never trusted a soul, not even my own. It started in the woods, not sure which city. I found a fresh spawn and decided to give him supplies. I gave him a gun and some food, he wanted to travel with me so I let him. Me and him chatted on and on until we reached the urban area, two or three zeds. We killed them with ease and looted some stores and houses. I found a M1 Garand, he found a pistol. We traveled for about 10 real time minutes until we reached NE Airstrip. We decided to loot it and killed some zeds on the way until I turned around and he immediately pointed the revolver at me. He told me to put my hands up and I did as told, he handcuffed me. Never told me that he found cuffs. And I said my last words “see you on the other side”… And he shot me in the back of the head.

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