To open the template: “Open image from URL” and Copy/Paste the below .pxd template.


To insert your image: On top menu click “Layer” and “Open image as layer” or “Open URL as layer”

On “Layers” panel on right side drag your image underneath the “Death Tag” image layer.

Use V Move tool and Free Transform (Ctrl T or under Edit menu) to size the image. You might need to slide the image to an edge to see the corner Transform points. Hold Shift while resizing from a corner point to keep scaled proportions. Click Enter to confirm or mouse click outside the image to apply transform.

*if at any time you make a mistake there is a History panel on the right side to go back and access earlier states.

On Tools panel click on Type Tool “A”. Click on the type area in the canvas and a popup will appear that lets you paste in your story and fill out the other text fields. The Font I’m using is Franklin Gothic Medium at 24 Size with Bold Styling.
Done? Go to File then Save. Give it a name and under “Format:” choose JPEG.

Easy peasy! Now Submit it on the Submit Your Story page.

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