Why Angels hide with Devils

“A hero doesn’t always arrive on time to save you. A hero will not always save the day but when a hero sees an injustice, he must do what he can to set it right. Even if it could cost him his life.”

I like to consider myself the Batman of DayZ. Most heroes help those they can with food, water, etc… I personally like to help from the shadows. I’m that guy that randomly shows up when you’re cuffed and about to be executed only to leave after dropping bandages and food. I will stalk a group of survivors to determine if they are bandits and act quickly if they are.

This time was different. Continue reading


12-Gauge meets raincoat!

Full Story:  I was traveling down the road, on my way to the great city of Elektrozavodsk, also known as ‘Elektro’. A widely-known area, but also a dangerous place to visit. Because of it’s popularity, many criminals, bandits, KOSers, and cannibals (yes, cannibals) may visit that place to get their nose into some loot, and to pop off a few rounds into the person closest to them. Continue reading


Round one, fight.

So I spawned in a new character, right next to Cherno, I see a woman being chased by a zed. I had grabbed a machete, so I killed the zombie in a few swings. They thank me, and I go into a house. The next thing I know, she’s in the house with her friend in a motorcycle helmet. As they surround me, one of them puts their fists up. I assume they’re going to gesture, so I do the friendly hand gesture. The two of them proceed to introduce my face to the concept of fists. I was dead in a matter of seconds.

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