No Sin Goes Unpunished

Full Story:  I have been on this game for a couple of years now and have always played the hero, my version at least. I have never had the bandit mentality in this game and find it more interesting being a sort of anti-hero. I referenced Batman in a previous post because throughout my time as a hero I’ve enjoyed putting a stop to those who terrorized other players. And I loved doing it without killing. It became my own game of finding them and figuring out ways to stop them without killing all while things are happening quickly. Often I die knowing if I went for the kill I would have survived. This isn’t a story of one of those times. Instead its one of great regret. My biggest failure.

I have a “network” of friends that play on a lot of different servers. I have an arrangement where they would tell me about heavy bandit activity (like a clan setting up shop or a lot of people being ‘tortured’ in game by kidnappers.) A friend of tells me that he and his friend have just been killed by some dude who handcuffed them and led them to a room full of around 5 others ones. All of them were forced down to their trousers and one by one the man used a fire axe to chop em up. What made it creepy, he said, was how he did it. He hacked at their limbs and then the body and would keep doing it even after the victim had died. Always the same way…first the legs, then the arms, and finally the head and torso.

My friend said he and his buddy were the last two to die and watched him do it. I questioned him a lot. I asked why he and a lot of the others didn’t just log out. He said it was too creepy to just leave. I didn’t get it but I wasn’t there. I asked what he wore and he said green shirt, green pants, and a payday mask.

This is why I play this game still. I wanted to beat this guy. I wanted him to know that if he went down the wrong road, I will be there to run him down that way the next time he acts (and they always try again) he will have me in the back of his mind. He will watch his back and jump at every shadow. He will do it till he figures that my attack was a one time thing and I wouldn’t be able to find him. And that’s when I strike, and even harder and worse than before. Then he will know that I will always find him because I will always find those like him. After all, what are friends for?

My hunt began and I knew where to look and how to find him. I spawn in with my hunting gear. Bow and arrows, fire axe, all black attire, food supplies and can opener and also a pistol with a full clip so I cam hold people up and question them….all I need for a hunt. I expect to die, no need for aid and I don’t plan on killing.

I go to the building where everyone was killed. The place was empty but I expected that. This guy gathered a lot of people then killed them. It was his plan and having done it he probably wouldn’t for awhile. Still, he’s a killer and he would probably be killing soon. I decided to search the surrounding area. In my search I found someone that fit the description. He had green clothing but no mask. He looked freshly spawned. I help him up.

I told him to raise his hands then turn away from me then lay on the floor. He complied and I checked his inventory. He had nothing, no mask or anything. I asked him what he had been doing recently. He told me he had been looking for loot and got killed by someone and just spawned. I asked for more details and I got nothing useful besides the fact he used a fire axe and had on a green shirt. I gave the lad a can of food and watched him leave then waited to see if he would return to kill me. He didn’t. I decided to check his death spot and got interrupted by a “PUT YOUR HANDS UP”

I did as told and looked around. I didn’t see anyone then I hears gunshots and someone saying, “I just wanted to talk”
I realized it wasn’t for me and started crawling towards the sound. A guy in a green shirt was looting the corpse of some other guy. I immediately rushed him with my gun drawn. I shot near him and told him to raise his hands. He stood and faced me but didn’t raise his hands.
“Last warning raise them.”
He didn’t have his weapon in his hands but he rushed towards me. It only took a few shots to the legs to bring him down.
“Alright buddy, I don’t plan on killing you. Just play nice”
My usual lines but he complies and agrees to answer my questions. I ask about the slaughter and if he knew anything about it. He said no and I checked his gear. No mask but a fire axe. I ask him about the mask but again nothing. I let him bandage himself up after I knock him out and leave. I figure he will be back but that’s not the problem I was worried about. I have no leads and Im guessing the man probably left. I check the building where the murders had taken place and was surprised to find my friend who had told me about it in the first place. I asked him why he was there and I was met with a sniper shot that should have killed me. The sniper either couldn’t shoot or just wanted to scare me but I bolted while zooming the camera to find him. My “friend” came running after me, shooting with his own pistol. I ducked into a building to avoid the sniper and ran up the stairs. As soon as I got up I aimed at the stairs and shot to scare him when he started to follow. He backed off and I asked him why he did it.

He confessed everything. He told me he had been working with a bandit clan and he would be able to join if he could get some kills off hero characters. Apparently I had ran into a few members myself which is why he set the whole lie up. He also said I would be perfect cause I refuse to kill. He started laughing then rushed up the stairs with a fire axe.

I was pissed off but what got to me was that me and this guy have been through a lot. I’ve saved his ass from hostage situations just cause I happened to be online at the time. I was happy to do it because its what I do. But this man was simply using me because he knew I would come save the day and now he planned to use me again to get into this clan. He even had the audacity to use the fire axe when he could have shot me with that gun of his just because I wouldn’t kill him. And he was right. I literally took my hand off the computer and sat back watching him run up this stairs and hack me down. He got his kill and joined his clan.

I said this was a story about my biggest regret and here is why. That death made me realize something. In those moments before I died I could have done so much to stop him. I easily could have gunned him down. Instead I let him win. I let them all win. They do not fear what they have already killed and that is my weakness. All those that I simply let kill me will never fear me because they can take me out just like they did before so they continue their acts like nothing. I’ve noticed that repeat offenders that meet me again, almost immediately give up when they see me and its only the ones I beat without dying. So a new leaf will be turned. I have officially denounced my title as DayZ batman. All of you who consider yourselves bandits should give up your ways now because if I was a hazard to you before I added killing to my arsenal then I will be a whole new batch of destruction. Those of you who may know what my real steam is should be wary and warn your bandit buddies. All of you are going down permanently and I will ensure of it. Those offers I refused are still on the table and with all of them combined I will usher in a new concept to the history of DayZ. In the coming weeks I will use my little influence and begin new partnerships of hero and bandit hunting clans to start the first and final DayZ bandit clan mass extinction.

Consider this a rapture for DayZ. The wicked should be afraid for their days are numbered. Heroes and survivors should prepare themselves for the time being. Things will get more organized soon but be ready. And for the survivors just trying to get by, well I exist to help you guys, just like all heroes do so I’m not asking you to fight for us but if you do fight then please fight with us.

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  1. It has begun. First meetings with clan leader prove successful. More meetings and an update as soon as possible. Stay strong heros.

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