No More Mr. Nice Guy

Yikes… I think Liquidskylabs is going off the deep end. *backs away slowly.*  Just remember, I didn’t take your hoodie!

Full Story:  Colin, EvilScott, Rebecca, Simon, Bill, Gonas, Cody…’re all dead men or women…….I love stuff, I run into boats and carefully scale ladders and narrow decks to find my stuff, I got my signature Red Vs Blue Hoodie…I got food for days, drinks, I found my first can opener…..A gun, some random ammo, I hit the road, I shouldn’t but I know I must, I run north, I’m gonna own that Airstrip. It takes a few sessions but I’m in. Look at that picture, I got Scoped SKS, A FNX45, an M4A1. Hell, I even jammed a Magnum in my cargo pants…. as well as two axes in my pack and one on my back. I hug the trees to get back to the first building again, carefully checking everywhere along the way, no snipers, nothing, I’m gonna organize my pack and check the road coming in to make sure I am safe to leave. I eat some food, I drink some drinks to remain hydrated before heading on a journey to some new locale to search for more good shit, maybe a pistol flashlight in case it gets dark, good to have a light on your gun just in case, right??

Looking through my scope out the window, nothing, OK lets get this going…That’s a weird sound?…Fuck, how do I duck??!!!! NO RUN… are unconscious…. I sit back on the couch, play some angry birds on my phone, I hear footsteps…then it sounds like a zombie hitting me. I regain consciousness for a second just to see me with no hoodie….Two of them…Help help please revive me, I’m friendly….No asshole, you tried to snipe us…Bullshit I was seriously looking out the window, you shot in cold blood…..Take my shit and revive me, I’ll walk away, it just takes so long to get here…Sorry we don’t have anything, you have lots of good stuff though….yah yah yah take it all, top of the stairs in the corner there is a defibrillator you can honestly make good on this, please (there was seriously one thirty feet from where I was killed….footsteps….Yah we don’t have battery for it…….YOU ARE DEAD……
are you shitting me do you really need a battery for the defibrillator??? Anyways, if I ever see Colin, EvilScott, Rebecca, Simon, Bill, Gonas, or Cody again, one or all of you will die….I’m not sure who it was that killed me but I pulled your names off the server list. You think we are playing games, fuck no. One day I will find you, in my hoodie, searching a pink green house for sardines, and whack, axe to the head…. I’m gonna get that hoodie back…and I hope it’s covered in your blood…. No more Mr. Nice Guy

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