I Dropped the Morphine….

I headed up the the NE Airstrip, not a KOS person at all, in fact I usually travel the coast giving food to the beggars. Anyway, it’s a 7 person server, and I ran into the air control tower to get some more matching gear (all militarized of course). Whilst looting under the stairs, I hear some guy screaming in the most retarded hustler voice I’ve ever heard. “WHERE YOU GOIN BOI? YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN BOI?” I pull out my camouflaged Mosin and run up the stairs to the top, aiming at where I just ran from. The guy is still screaming in his derp voice and then I hear him climbing up the ladder. He’s got an axe on his back and no gun. He starts speaking normally in his actual voice, “Hey man you got any morphine? My legs are broken.” I said I did and dropped some on the floor. Being DayZ, it disappeared into the ground. “I dropped the morphine,” I said, then a guy fully kitted-out runs up the stairs and sprays the living fuck out of everything. YOU ARE DEAD. Well, back to Berezino….

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