How to?

How to take my screenshot?

Before playing and frolicking about in DayZ press “f12″ or your screenshot shortcut button at the menu screen. That way you have a good static, standing pose of your character. Any picture will suffice though. I just recommend that method so you always have a good straight on pic. While in the game you can double tap “Alt” for a locked free camera to get some decent character pics too.

How to access my screenshot?

In the Steam top menu click on “View” then “Screenshots.” Select “DayZ” and find the image you want. Click either “Show on Disk” or “View Online Library.” Only the images you have uploaded to share in the library will appear there (I don’t publicly share most of my screenshots). From Show on Disk, Save or Copy to Desktop for easy access for PSD or Pixlr.  From Online Library, “Copy Link Address” to either use Pixlr or send me a link.

The methods:

  • Do-it yourself online: uses Pixlr
  • Do-it yourself offline: uses PSD template
  • Lazy make me do it method: Link me a screenshot and submit text.
  • Ultra lazy method: Submit your story with no screenshot. Lame!

do-it yourself online: Pixlr
“Open image from URL” and Copy/Paste the below .pxd template.

Add your image and edit the text. Save as JPEG. “Whoa, Whoa… back up.. what the fuck is Pixlr and how do I use it? I need step by step instructions” Ok, go HERE.

do-it yourself offline: Photoshop

Snatch this .psd template and crank er’ out.

Add your image and edit the text. Save as JPEG and then submit that shit!

OK, I got my awesome Survivor Story image. I’m not done yet?

Well, I still need that shit, yo. Use the Submit Form @ the top of this page so I can add it to the site. I’ll moderate to make sure the site doesn’t get awash in dick pics and then add your Story. Once it’s live you’ll be able to vote on it and track your tags so you can see all of your characters.

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