Gold rush

So everyone knows about the really new guard shacks that can be found all over once military gear free towns, cities and settlements, as well as industrial parks and sometimes by themselves. Well, people with a clue do. You can go from fresh spawn to militant status if you find one unlooted or after a server restart. So I found one that had been picked over.

So I found a mostly picked over guard shack and managed to salvage what I could before going to the nearest police station to find a pm73 rak and a couple 25 round mags for it.

Funny how the best shit probably gets overlooked like this out of fear. I make off with a pristine press vest, full police camo and hat, with my pm73 ready. Suddenly, server restart. Private hives do this a lot to respawn l00tz.

So I spawn in with everything I had fortunately, only a few feet from where I lost connection. I take off to the docks to hit the guard shack. Probably everyone on the server joining in had that on their mind. Voice masker equipped and set to ultra deep voice, I prepare to spook some people.

I spot some guy in a bright red helmet to his ankles in vests, aks, attachments and mags and everything else. He is staring at the floor, completely still. To make matters worse he is in a bright blue jacket with matching pack. I speak up on mic.

“What are you doing? HMM?”

He glances up for a brief second at me, pm73 already sighted on his chest, and before he can move I pump 10 rounds in him, bam, deaded. Me loot, not you. I duck for cover in the shack and reload, then reload my spare mag for measure. I check his corpse,nothing useful. The loot pile around his corpse was huge though. Too big to sort in the open.

I go to check the warehouses when I hear someone running behind me. I turn around, a freshspawn in a vest with a loaded ak and mask on, ak aimed at me. I had my pm73 at the ready but not raised, and I thought I was dead. He said something on his mic but got cut off by 20 rounds pumped into his throat, and we both shot each other at the same time so I thought I was dead too. I got shot but was just a little grey screen, no blood or nothing. I grab his ak and spare mags, stuffing the pm73 in my rucksack.

I go to the guardhouse to spot a freshie being chased by zeds. “Help!” he casually explains in a 15 year old white kid voice. “Zombies chasing me.” I shoot the zed dead and he thanks me, commending my shot. We exchange some words and he loots up to my status at the shack. I give him my pm73 and we talk for a bit when I spot a guy in red paramedic pants with an AKm creep on us behind some logs. He is wearing a ghost mask. Remembering I forgot to reload, I realize I have 6 rounds in the mag of this ak after mowing down several zeds. I rush the guy and suddenly 2 zeds start whacking his rear as he opens up and misses every shot with his silenced ak, I empty my mag into him and my new friend wastes the zombies. I survives again. Me and the guy loot his corpse, I get first dibs, a silenced akm and a ton of other clothing I take and adorn immediately. I realize I’m glitches and unable to shoot or aim, so I have my friend wait while I reconnect to debug myself.

Of course. I lose my slot in the 50/50 private hive and don’t get it back until 6 hours later, and everything is different when I get back. I find several sawn off obrez mosins, and a double barrel. All empty, but they all fit in my pack, and I had ammo for all, so I loaded them all and took em all. Ak in hand I set out to Novo, because the server name implies it is a safe town. I scour Novo, every corner. Main building, tool sheds, apartments and the warehouses and trucks not to far to find no one. Nobody.

So I climb to the top of the main town hall or whatever, ak in hand, and log. I log in again later to hear and see two armed camoflague guys in the street out front talking, so I call out to them and reveal myself, they dont raise their guns but instead trade with me. One had a silenced Remington sniper with the homemade plastic bottle silencer, the other had an akm like me with a drum. I traded a spare drum for some weapon attachments for my ak. The sniper said he had to go meet a friend and took off, so me and ak boy head to the woods to scour the countryside. While on some rooftops in Svet later on after traveling together, my friend breaks his legs falling. I give him my morphine and we go to the house nearby to help him replenish blood with saline, when suddenly I die from glitched hunger and thirst. He does too suddenly, both of our kitted up corpses left in a random house in Svet, second floor with the doors closed. Goodbye l00tz

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