Don’t Stop, No Matter What!

Things are getting creepy out there…

Full Story: I searched everywhere. Nothing. Not even a scrap of fabric to tear into some emergency rags. Yet again, Elektro was completely looted. As I emerged from the hospital, I heard the sound of a gun being reloaded.

“Stop right there! Don’t do anything stupid!” a voice ordered from behind me. I froze. 

The stranger then told me to get on my knees and strip off all my clothes. Being unarmed and in serious need of something warm in my belly, I obeyed. I looked up but all I could see was the blazing sun blinding my vision. Suddenly, a silhouette appeared before me. The stranger towered over me, with a phallic-like object in hand.

“Put it in your mouth.” he ordered.

“Uh…What?” I looked up, dumbfounded.

“I’m not going to shoot. Just put it in your mouth!”

Humiliated and without much of an option, I did what this complete stranger told me to do in order to save my life.

But he lied. He did shoot. Right in the face. What a mess!

At least I got a last meal, I guess. Those zucchinis are huge.

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