Can you hear the rain?

Bandits took Green mountain again. It was once a safe haven for the tired and hungry. Too long have they owned the peak. They still lure weak and helpless in and kill them in cold blood. Today that was about to change. The rebels of Green mountain would be removed from the base… by force. The last remaining heroes and I assembled. We began to make our plan, to take back this state and to begin rebuilding. We began recruiting for the battle that we knew would be the end for many in the group. We found 8 more brave souls and began our trip to the foot of the mountain. We decided to attack at the break of dawn. That night we ate our last meal and made an oath. Fight, fight till they are running like cowards. We began up the hill when the heroes called me to the side and said to me, “We never run.” The sentence was short but the message was clear.  As the rain began to fall we began our assault. With military like strength we forced our way to the top. To the front gate we fought, losing 1 along the way.

We pushed into the compound under heavy fire. Many fell but we made it inside. We secured the base but only just. We were still receiving heavy fire from the North and West side. We pushed the rebels out but the it was short lived… later that day with the remaining survivors we put up our last stand. The rebels came in hard. With everything they had. They pushed to the front gates and blew their way in. Pushed to the back of the compound we gave them all we had left. Fighting to the end. The rebels let off and fell back. There where only 3 left in the compound. 2 heroes and myself scrounged together ammo for the final assault when from out of nowhere, one of the heroes took a shot in the chest… I drug him into the garage next to our position. Under heavy fire we fought to save his life. Ammo was low and hope was lost. I looked at the last standing hero, survivor, friend. I told him to survive. I told him to run and carry the story with him. He paused and said “thank you” Before disappearing into the woods. As I sit by my fallen brothers I look down to see the slowly dying hero. I hear the footsteps just outside. I knew it was the end. As I wait for death the hero looks up and says with a soft voice… “Can you hear the rain?”  Clips began to empty and shells, hot with death steamed in the cold air. As gods fall, their story lives on…

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