An Unfortunate Accident

After successfully wandering from the east coast of Berezino and collecting an impressive amount of loot through the wilderness of Chernarus I was for once well equipped for my long trek to the city of Cherno & Elektro. It was a long journey through Dubrovka, Polana & Dolina where pedictably I saw nobody other than the freakish ghouls that now thrive in this wasteland. Never the less sending the Zeds back to their death felt good and the extra food and clothing I got on the way made it a productive venture.

It was not until I got to Elektro that I found some fellow survivors. The first was unarmed and failed to respond and later on I met 2 people in the old hospital who needed food. I had more than I needed in my pack so I helped them out. Feeling confident I headed out toward Cherno on my way to Balota to get some military grade weapons. I somehow wandered into the forest and saw a fallen statue in the middle of nowhere. What a strange place to put a statue.

Soon after a survivor appeared in a clearing as I made my way to a lighthouse to get the lay of the land. I raised my hand in a friendly gesture but he continued to come at me with his axe raised. Shouting ‘friendly’ made no difference. And so I sprinted to get distance on the would-be Bandit, turned & pulled out my Magnum and blasted him in the shoulder. I could see the spray of blood as he retreated and feeling justified I pulled the trigger again and put him down.

With adrenalin pumping I climbed the lighthouse to gauge my distance from Elektro when I suddenly broke through the barrier and fell to my death after hours of travelling.

The moral of this story is bandits are not necessarily the worst enemy. What you think is a solid object can sometimes be an illusion.

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