A Slippery Roof

A long and sad tale from chronicintel. I think we need to form a support group for those of us who have had accidental fall deaths.

Full Story:  I am a DayZ noob. I had never played the mod, but bit the bullet and tried my hand at the standalone version despite being apprehensive of the Alpha status. The videos online sold me, though. I am a huge STALKER fan and DayZ seemed like the online MMO equivalent.

My first death in DayZ was not enjoyable. I starved to death in 2hrs because I couldn’t find any food in the coastal towns except for rotten ones. My last fifteen minutes were shaded in grey. My second death occurred when I tried descending a short ladder but instead fell maybe 8ft and broke my legs. I thought I would never play Dayz again for a while.

I went back after a day. Something urged me to give the game another chance. I quickly found a compass. This time, I had a simple objective: head northwest for the airfield.

I think it took about 6 hrs. I did not use a map. There were long stretches of nothing. I even reached a few dead-end roads at the edge of the game world. I saw a rabbit. It didn’t move though, even after I tried hitting it with a bayonet. I didn’t think animals were part of the game yet.

Eventually, I did find the airfield. There were other people on the server so I approached cautiously from the north, where I figured sniping campers would least expect someone to approach, if there were any snipers.

I got lucky and encountered no humans and just a handful of zombies. I scored an M4, a magnum, and a green mountain backpack. Except for not having a scope, I was pretty much set. I even had a decent set of camo gear (everything green), and an assault vest. I headed east to continue my journey and maybe hook up with a group of survivors or help those in need.

Eventually I came to a town on the eastern coast. There was a police station with a winding staircase that went up to the roof. I figured to check it out to see if there was any loot. There was an SKS. Even though I already had an M4, I decided to take it into my hands. I had heard some zombies outside earlier and figured I would do some target practice since I had some spare 7.62 ammo that I might as well use. It was going to be fun and harmless. I hadn’t met a single other survivor up until that point except for a couple of newbie AFKs that I stole t-shirts and flashlight batteries from.

I had been deathly afraid of heights as well, ever since my ladder mishap that broke my legs, but being on the roof did bring a sense of security from any sneaky zombies. I saw a zombie nearby and took aim. It saw me too, however and started walking towards me. I sprinted towards the edge of the roof to get a better shot.

I ran too far. All of a sudden I was falling. In that split second I thought, “It wasn’t that high. Maybe I’ll just break my legs. That would be OK, I have a full complement of medical supplies. Painkillers, morphine, bandages, I’ll be fine.”

I hit the ground. A black screen with the words “You are dead” splayed in tiny letters in the middle of the screen. As I look at it, my body starts to feel numb.

And that was it. I fell off a roof. I wasn’t shot by some trigger-happy bandit or paranoid noobie. I wasn’t swarmed by zombies. I wasn’t a casualty in a fight between hardened survivors. Hell, I wasn’t even killed by a glitch. I died because of a fall that wouldn’t have killed me in 100% of any other games that I own. I died because I didn’t learn an important rule in some gay-ass fall protection safety video for a construction company.

There is currently no stat tracking in DayZ, so your characters’ lives only exist in your memory, especially if you were playing alone.

I understand that this may have not been the most entertaining DayZ death story, but I’m sure it is fairly common, and writing about has been an effective coping mechanism in dealing with a loss of a character that I put so much time into.

I have a feeling it won’t be the last, either.

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