A Bambi’s Betrayal

I guess you could call me a well oiled machine, or at least, you could have.  I did what I had to do to survive, and damn, was I ever good at it. Here I was, a 76 hour character. Armed to the teeth, saving bambies from bandits, slaughtering hundreds of Zeds along the way. But then, on that one cursed day, I read three innocent words that still haunt me to this day. “You are hungry.” I guess you could say I got reckless. I had given my last bit of food to a group of bambies I saved  in Elektro. So I took the next left, and tried to see if there was any food lying around in the military base. I never made it in. I was greeted by a bambi I aided some hours ago. This time, however, he was no bambi. Armed to the teeth, much as I was, I should have known better. But he insisted that he was friendly, and that he wanted to repay me for my kindness. We joked, laughed, conversed, all for a few minutes. He handed me some food and drink, and then we went to part ways. I was maybe 10 feet down the road when I heard a crack and snap. I knew what had happened. Without a moment’s hesitation, my once vibrantly coloured screen became nothing more than a black canvas for three damned words. “You are Dead”.

I woke up on a beach carrying nothing but a flashlight…….

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