12-Gauge meets raincoat!

Full Story:  I was traveling down the road, on my way to the great city of Elektrozavodsk, also known as ‘Elektro’. A widely-known area, but also a dangerous place to visit. Because of it’s popularity, many criminals, bandits, KOSers, and cannibals (yes, cannibals) may visit that place to get their nose into some loot, and to pop off a few rounds into the person closest to them.

But I didn’t care. My aim was to scavenge Elektro of a decent set of gear and head north. North is dangerous, and Elektro was full of goodies that would help me in my travels. So as I headed up the road on my way to this great city, I spot a zombie in the far distance. It was running, so I pulled out my axe and readied it. Waiting a few moments, the zombie didn’t seem to move closer, but it was still running. After examining the zombie that was in the distance, I could notice that it was running in the opposite direction. What to? Another person, of course…

After going into pursuit of the zombie for a few minutes, it stops, and I duck into some bushes. I waited a few moments to observe the area before witnessing the zombie become aggressive, and charge toward a nearby restaurant; and then I saw something in the building quickly pass a window. I put away my axe, and get ready to equip my Blaze 95 — a double-barreled rifle — and wait patiently. I can see a person sprint out of the restaurant as the zombie approaches, so I follow them discreetly.

Stalking, I eventually lose contact, but Elektro is in sight. Carelessly, I waltz through the main streets, seeing nothing but empty roads piled up with run-down cars and abandoned apartments. Realizing my careless act, I quickly hop into the nearest building; what most DayZ players name the ‘Piano’ or ‘Mosin’ house. Closing the door as I enter, I can see a CR527 Rifle on the ground, and some other junk loot scattered around the first floor. I already am equipped with a Blaze 95, so I ignore it. After taking a few steps upstairs, I spot another player! Their weapon — a Mosin Nagant — is on their back, and nothing is equipped into their hands. But, they run for the staircase from the back room! Quickly, I sprint over to the front door and turn around.

The other person stops at the bottom of the staircase, and stumbles back — obviously surprised to see me. I stand still, hovering my finger over the [1] key; the key set to pull out my rifle. The room remains quiet and still, before I eventually raise my hand, offering a light wave. He returns the favor, and nervously, I exit the building. And that was the last I saw of him.

Regaining my courage, I venture out into the streets and find an apartment, before entering it. Near the entrance, I find an “Izh-43″, a break-action double barrel shotgun that uses 12-Gauge shells for ammunition. And of course, I had some shells. With my Blaze 95 on my back, I take the shotgun into my hands and load it, before moving to the streets.

The town is quiet. I can not see nor hear anything, besides a small horde of zombies crowding the left side of the city church. Of course, with my stupid brain, I sprint over and unload. Five zombie corpses fill the streets, and for the next few minutes, I run around the plaza. A crazy act, but I had seen nobody, so I headed inside the church for a break. But once I left the church, that was my last mistake.

Calmly and quietly, I opened the doors of the church and slowly walked out. I turned left, and before my feet could touch the street – ‘Ffft!’ A single bullet flies straight toward me, hitting me in the leg. My screen blinks grey, and blood begins to spew from my right thigh. I hit the ground, but my legs aren’t broken. In a panic, I yelp, and turn to where I was shot. I can see two zombies beginning to jump on top of my ‘killer’, who bares a yellow raincoat, a green cowboy hat, and an SKS. He had no doubt that I was still alive, so he sprinted toward me. With haste, and adrenaline pumping through my body, I raise my shotgun and – ‘Pchoon! Pchoon!’ I fire both barrels of 12-Guage shells toward the man. Both shots hit, spraying into his center mass as he falls to the ground; now a lifeless corpse. The zombies begin to pounce the corpse, before noticing me; now running to me.

I stumble to my feet and run. I drop my shotgun with no time to reload, and just sprint. I’m bleeding profusely, but there’s no time to bandage. Eventually, five zombies (two of them geared with military kevlar) are on my trail. And I continue to run for my life. No time to eat, no time to drink, no time to bandage, no time to reload, no time to shoot. I barely have enough time to live. I detour into an alley and continue running until I reach a green hill. I turn around, and see the zombies all slowly approaching me. My screen is grey; completely grey. I have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I give up. I gave up. And before even one zed could lay a hand on me, my screen cuts off, displaying only the darkness of pitch black. “You are dead.” slowly comes into view in a white print, and that was the end of me.

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