Me and a friend of mine were going north, sticking to the west border. We find 2 Augs, three mags, and some USMC clothing. We keep heading north til we reach a small town…. can’t even remember the name of it now… my friend and I split up and go to different buildings. He calls out that someone was between our buildings. We tried to make contact, but no response. Then I hear a gun shot and we know the zed will be arriving soon. I tell my friend to cover me when I cross the street. He opens his door and I sprint to it, before half way there three zed jump on me and I push through to close the door of my friends house, and I open fire.  I yell “Run camo, use the back door!” I empty two of my mags and couldn’t finish off the last one before I blacked out, and died….


No Sin Goes Unpunished

Full Story:  I have been on this game for a couple of years now and have always played the hero, my version at least. I have never had the bandit mentality in this game and find it more interesting being a sort of anti-hero. I referenced Batman in a previous post because throughout my time as a hero I’ve enjoyed putting a stop to those who terrorized other players. And I loved doing it without killing. It became my own game of finding them and figuring out ways to stop them without killing all while things are happening quickly. Often I die knowing if I went for the kill I would have survived. This isn’t a story of one of those times. Instead its one of great regret. My biggest failure. Continue reading


Gold rush

So everyone knows about the really new guard shacks that can be found all over once military gear free towns, cities and settlements, as well as industrial parks and sometimes by themselves. Well, people with a clue do. You can go from fresh spawn to militant status if you find one unlooted or after a server restart. So I found one that had been picked over.

So I found a mostly picked over guard shack and managed to salvage what I could before going to the nearest police station to find a pm73 rak and a couple 25 round mags for it.

Funny how the best shit probably gets overlooked like this out of fear. I make off with a pristine press vest, full police camo and hat, with my pm73 ready. Suddenly, server restart. Private hives do this a lot to respawn l00tz. Continue reading


Trust: the bloodiest blade

I am not a trusting man. I believe people are inherently selfish beings who will look out for their own survival. This is even more true in the world of Dayz. I do what I do for my many reasons but I do it alone for just one. People cannot be trusted

I am a hero, sure, but one that truly despises most of the people I save.  I didnt at the start of my new career in Dayz heroism but the more people I saved the more I noticed some people deserved that fate. Continue reading

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